Thanks for coming to check out my website!  Whatever has prompted you to come here, I hope you find what you are looking for, but if not you can always reach out and ask your question through this link –  contact me.

If you’ve visited this site to:

  1. Check out my listings:  Sorry, but you won’t find them here.  I’m a big believer in efficiency and doing what is best for the client.  If I’m being totally honest, almost all listings are posted on Realtor.ca and it makes the most sense for you to view one website, then it would to have to look up every listing on a different website.  It is very, very rare that I would ever have a listing and NOT post it on Realtor.ca since I don’t believe this is in the best interest of my client, the seller.  That being said, there is an option that I provide to my buyer clients that is even more efficient.   Click here to learn more.
  2. Search for homes for sale:  All of my clients have access to a buyer portal that provides more in depth information on active listings and even allows for you to do your own search with filters and map search.  This repeats what I mentioned in #1 –  click here to learn more.
  3.  Learn more about who I am:  Really, this should probably be first in the list since this is often the first place people start when they want to find a good Realtor or learn more about one that has been recommended by a friend.  I could write all kinds of comments about how I like to provide individual personal service, or how I include staging with all of my listings, or how attentive and organized I am, (oh, look I did write that…) but really these things all mean way more coming from an actual client.  You can check out my testimonials page here for real reviews, from real people, that have worked with me over the past few years.  Not everyone takes the time to fill out a comment, but I love it when they do, even if it’s not perfect!

I’m committed to providing my clients with professional services based on my experience, knowledge and skills (and there may be some “Type A” traits that come with me too, but I promise that’s it’s always with the goal of doing what is best for my client!).

I’ve filled this website with tips and resources to help you quickly understand what you need to know — and how I deliver the services designed to meet your needs.

If you’re selling click here to learn more about the process and how to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

If you’re buying click here to discover how to find your next dream home and get it, without overpaying.

Any time you want information on the market or are ready to buy or sell a property – contact me. There’s no obligation!